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  1. KSI Noble

    KSI Noble

    Awesome guys thanks!
  2. KSI Noble

    KSI Noble

    Hey there everyone! I am, or at least was KSI Noble. I was in KSI back in 2009 in the DH division back in DNA. I played a crap ton of Halo and had a lot more time on my hands back then. My rank on the way out was a General. I’m sort of aware that a bunch of stuff has happened since 2011 and now with a bunch of splits and what not. Not sure if there was a lot of changes structure wise and gaming wise but I’d love to rejoin! I was underage back in 2009 but I assure I’m not underage anymore lmao(kinda wish I was cause being back in High school would be a hell of a lot easier than being full time Active Duty ) I’ve been playing a lot of MCC and just reminiscing over the days and I miss the community KSI offered. So if I need to do an interview with HR(if that’s a thing still) I’m more than willing. My gamer tag is xVAN NASTYx