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    2019 Call of Duty: BlackOps 4 2v2 SnD (Starts JUL 8th)

    Name: Slayer Slugs Player1: KSI Skybo Player2: KSI Hippocryte
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    A mile in my shoes

    I am a pretty intellectual fellow who just was thinking that maybe some people would be able to appreciate this. I am twenty-five years old and have overcome so many obstacles and jumped many hurdles in my life. My problems really started the day I was born although I only remember bits a pieces of the way life was back then. My parents were divorced when I was two years old. My father and mother were both on drugs intensely. My dad was a dealer and my mom was a manufacturer. Just to show the depth of this though my grandmother and grandfather were into manufacturing methamphetamine as well. My mom would do things I’m not sure why or what she gained from telling me we were on the way to Silver Dollar City and proceeded to make me sit in the car in the parking lot of a bar for 6 hours or why she sold my Nintendo 64 to buy drugs? But I do know what it feels like to feel like you are second to infatuation whether it be to another person or to an object. My mother exploded while cooking meth when I was six years old. My grandparents told me that mommy was sleeping and I didn’t know until four or five months later that she would never be coming back. I cried and cried for her I yearned for her touch for someone to love me unconditionally. I was then moved in with my father through the courts and stripped away from my brother and sister because we all have different dads. I soon learned that my dad was still making money his usual way selling drugs and I thought this was normal. Do not get me wrong my dad was always a good man he made sure I could have any thing I wanted. As the years grew on and we relocated multiple times I noticed that this was not a normal situation I realized that I was in a whirlwind and just stayed along for the ride. I had houses burned down people died I lost my **** and regained my ****. Then we moved to a nice big neighborhood. We lived there for ten years before my dad started to manufacture his own methamphetamine. I kept thinking to myself what is so wonderful that my parents would choose it over me so I started out slowly with just a joint here and there. I moved up to Morphine, Oxymorohone, and Roxycodone within a years time limit. I was smoking a blunt five years ago today when I saw a flash and heard a series of loud bangs on the door before the door splintered and I heard “Benton County Police search warrant get on the ground”. They threw four or five flash bangs and shot our dog. They found two hundred and seventy-five single pot methlabs, one hundred and sixty-two grams of methamphetamine, scales, guns, etc. I went to prison for two years, got out and ran and continued to run but why was I running from myself was it because I was scared to be the original carefree me or was I being Hypocritical and picking substance over myself? My point in the above is I have been sober almost eleven months and drugs do somehow define me because I would not be the man I am today without the trials and tribulations put forth into my life. I am a felon and will never have a good job. My life was defined by a few mistakes at a young age. Just know that no matter what I look like or sound like it’s like walking through quicksand so if you think you are up for the challenge don’t push me down just buck up and try to walk a mile in my shoes.