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  1. iCastiel

    Favorite All Time Game?

    PC: Can't Beat League Of Legends. Console: MW2 for FPS and all round is Skyrim.
  2. iCastiel

    Former GEN - Semper Fidelis

    Welcome back, I once had been a division leader for SF, cool division even when it comes and goes.
  3. iCastiel

    So easy getting back on this site

    Anonymouse is Leeegion lol
  4. iCastiel

    So easy getting back on this site

    Best advice, before I feed your trolling any more. Just remove yourself mmk? If you really want I could teach some how to block even the banned from accidentally being able to join again through change of browser. 😉 SCRIPT kiddo or not.
  5. iCastiel

    So easy getting back on this site

    Not to advocate anything, however I'm sure there is other ways to fuel your time. You are showing the world how mature you are, in honesty I have a nice that's not even I double figures of age that has more maturity than you do. KSI and its structure has always been, from when I watched them back In the older days up to my stint in 2009/11. If you want change, promote it through better means than being one of the Internets toxic children. Nothing changes through the means of being a moron, they do however through respect, maybe learn this then come back next year. Mmk?
  6. iCastiel

    So easy getting back on this site

    Aaand, experience shouts.. Anonymous died years back. You are a fool to represent them in such a bad name.
  7. iCastiel

    Probably forgotten

    Well, hello. I am Kasyr, former General of Sparta LE and Forgotten Kings LE and division leader of SF (Past) not here to rejoin, or even game just came to visit every now and then to see how KSI is holding and perhaps share advise where need be.