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  1. Quote of the day.  "If you see something fishy, say that something is fishy."

  2. Open door policy:: I have been a victim of one of your web ops member's code of conduct violation.  I am seeking to have him charged by the in-forum courts for breaking rules 2 ,4, 6, 7, 10, 11, & 12 while I remain in this forum. I have screenshots to prove the member's guilt.

    I am sorry you have to hear this.

  3. Open door policy::: I am telling you,  chief and senior judge of KSI,  that I have been a victim of another KSI member's violation of code of conduct.


    I wish to press charges against him. 

  4. These screenshots look mighty incriminating, Blue. It would be a shame if everyone saw you using homophobic slurs, using the word retarded to slur or shame others, pretending to be a seven, breaking rules, and breaking the very code of conduct that you agreed to uphold when you signed up for being a KSI member. Actions like those get the ax brother. If I were you I would pray that these screenshots never see the light of day. But as for me? I will make sure everyone sees these. Beginning with the courts

    Screenshot (44).png

    Screenshot (33).png

    Screenshot (40).png

    Screenshot (43).png

    Screenshot (29).png

    Screenshot (44).png

    Screenshot (27).png

  5. PunkSalt

    Former 1st Captain/Gen of Krypton/Xenon TI Returns

    Ten four. It seems I'm in the wrong forums. Oof! No wonder we cannot find any history on me. Ill transfer over any old info I have over to here. But I will remain freelance for the sake of my career. That cannot be jeopardized. ~KSI DemiURGE
  6. EQW-P8HXsAEgbIP.jpg.a2a4c5b0dc70ca0dced3249dcb5894cc.jpg

         This is my gaming office. it is where I conduct video content related business, attend headhunters' meetings, delegate relations with my affiliate programs, apply for gaming sponsorships,  where I game, and where I sleep. I have everything I need, right here.


         Each screen is it's own PC. Each monitor is attached to a computer tower. this project took me two years to design and many, many revisions. I am proud to call this "Operation BAREBONES". Why choose a name like this? I'll explain in the next paragraph.


        I began this project back in 2017, with nothing more but an Xbox One and a Kinect. I figured, "Since I play videogames, why not play full-time & on camera?" I began to take notes on what I would need, visualized my resulting aspirations, took self-micromanaged steps towards that goal, & I budgeted my money all throughout the course of two and 3/4 years. 


         Sometimes it was difficult to want to continue, and I felt like giving up. it got to the point where I tried to take my own life, not once but three times. It was at my low points where I felt the need to either lash out and press forward through the pain & angst, or to step back, take a deep breath, take a nice shower, wash away the stress, the salt, the toxicity, and the sweat. I am glad I chose the later option, because it had taught me to be thick-skinned, aloof, & kindhearted.

         In conclusion, this Xbox & PC streaming/gaming hardware build gives me a sense of balance, tolerance, & commitment.  I would not give it up for anything in the world.


    Thank you.



  7. I'm baaaack. introductions? Like the title says. I was a 1st Captain/General to Krypton TI/Xenon TI. im back to take my rightful spot amongst the ranks. I know all about the Gen13. Who was I? I was KSI DemiURGE (I was almost a 7). I'm waiting to be acquired by a division. Preferrably one where my skills as an officer will not be squandered. i'm a live streamer with close to 500 followers. I am affiliated with GameStop, Razer, and Nerd Or Die. I create video content every day. This is to be expected as it is my career, not a hobby. My Xbox Gamertag is the same as my name. (Punksalt) My Gamertag/profile name is a brand, and it is trademarked. I own my own merch store. I am my own boss. Check my cover photo on my profile. this is what I game on. it was expensive. Anything else? Just ask. sincerely, Punksalt.