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  1. Wants people to play MLG with, add KSI x0wnagex 7 (that 0 is a zero)

  2. Wants people to play MLG with, add KSI x0wnagex 7 (that 0 is a zero)

  3. hey waz up bro do you remeber me i used 2 play with u coin junk ace zero rubber ducky(he lives acroos da strret from me lol) n i remeber when you guys go hit damn bad day well im in TRU the real untouchables with wig n all kinds of ppl 4 COD4 and most likly for COD world at war so lets go play sum halo 2 like old times ;)

  4. i need you on halo 3 please im not waiting ok iv been waiting all week to tell you becase its to long to type to you please im telling you .

  5. Yeah, it's nothing big.

  6. yeah i have seen other peoples pics. but... i tried ot do that to and i had no luck lol. o wellz! i shall live.

  7. There is a gallery section that should allow bigger photos.

  8. crazy haha! i tried to put a picture of me as my display but my stupid computer cant edit it correctly to be the right size... -.-

  9. thanks lol, you are a year and 3 days older then me haha

  10. WOW you do not look 15 at all. You look like 19. CRAZY! anyways hows it goin?

  11. you are the best director i know.

  12. hmmmmm ages since u got a comment