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  1. KSI Ryda 7

    Jumping back in

    Nice to see you over here laffy
  2. KSI Ryda 7

    The Walking dead

    cant wait to what happens next season.
  3. Even at squad level if we start working with our officer and getting them to post, they in turn would be more likely to help push the idea with the other members and the new recruits. Eventually everybody would be using the forums. I do agree that the upper leader ship would have to post more to help facilitate the idea to the division. Like even if we start at squad level it would help change the activity on the forums.
  4. I agree with this. I believe that we need to start enforcing it as a requirement again for officers and over all just direct more people towards to use the site. I feel like we need to stop pushing discord/ kik so much and push using the forums instead. I remember how fun and active the forums use to be. I would love to see the activity reach that again.
  5. Rejoined today hopung to make a great impact

  6. Rejoined today hopung to make a great impact

  7. KSI Ryda 7

    Pokemon Go

    I'm almost lvl 11 have gotten any great pokemon really. Almost got a machamp before phone died. Gyms not bad been fighting back and forth over a couple of them. Good thing is you get a defender bonus when you place a pokemon to defend it.
  8. Would it be possible to have a place on here that list all dnh/blacklisted people. It could help drive more people to the forums plus help out with the recruiting process by helping make sure we dont bring in some one that was dnhed for something. Also we can have the current past gamertags if known for each person.
  9. KSI Ryda 7


    idk be cool if we do
  10. KSI Ryda 7


    First off welcome to KSI and the forums. Dont know how long you have been in KSI but you came to a great place to try to find other members to play with.
  11. KSI Ryda 7

    Who Wants To Be A Moderator?!

    Name: Billy Age: 29 Gamertag/PSN ID: KSI Ryda 7 Rank(s): Co Div XK Director of Internal Affairs What does being a moderator mean to you?: Means being able to help people on the forums and answer questions What could you bring the Forums Staff?: More help . Help get things done faster Why do you want to become a Moderator?: To be able to help people on the forums. To try to get things done and processed more quickly. Do you have any previous experience? If so what.: Been moderator and admin on other forums Last but not least, a short paragraph at minimum why we should choose you.: Always on the forums. I am helpfully. Plus i want to learn as much as I can to help KSI
  12. KSI Ryda 7

    Looking for people to play civilization with x360

    is there anyone else that would be down to play this want more people to play with
  13. KSI Ryda 7

    Looking for people to play civilization with x360

    it does get boring sometimes i agree but its the only one that i know that theres a good chance that alot of people have
  14. KSI Ryda 7

    Halo 2 Anniversary chat.

    well then im really hoping i can get the one soon lol
  15. KSI Ryda 7

    Looking for people to play civilization with x360

    awesome when ever ya have free time either msg me on here or on xbl gt KSI Ryda 7