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  1. Elderpooter

    KSI Chris2870’s Appeal

  2. Elderpooter

    KSI Chris2870’s Appeal

    First, he was upgraded to DNH. Second, members can appeal being removed in the courts now per @Crusader 7 Also, people who are removed are automatically allowed back after 60 days or earlier if appealed. Reference this: To elaborate on the situation with Chris, I decided to remove him from KSI for several reason. He managed to be given written warnings by 4 officers on 5 separate occasions in a matter of 3 weeks, all for causing drama/acting immature/inappropriately. In addition, the member has posted suicidal posts, which leads me to believe he is not fit for a mature, organized gaming community. Also, he thinks that Insight was in the right and entitled to boot Tacos, which again goes to the point of him being a bad fit. After being removed, Chris told people in KSI that several members from FA were in another gaming community with him and another DNH member. It turns out that this was false, so I felt it necessary to add him to DNH since he would be able to join back in 60 days otherwise. It is also worth noting that this resulted in these members being removed based on what he said, and then we allowed them back once we verified it to be false. The fact that he was trying to stir drama even after being removed solidified my initial assessment that he is not mature enough, and not in the right mind for KSI. I have 2 witnesses that I would like to remain anonymous that witnessed him saying the things about the other members. If anyone needs additional let me know.
  3. Elderpooter

    KSI INSIGHT DNH appeal

    Happily. His account of what happened is accurate. Insight and several other members were involved in a situation that they claim was handled incorrectly by the officers of their squads, resulting in Insight and the others getting in trouble for what Insight perceived was something Tacos did. In retaliation, Insight booted Tacos and sent threatening messages to him, as Insight stated in the appeal. I have the message, but I feel like his testimony for booting people is more than enough. Let me know if you still want the messages, I can put in Deliberation area. -Amended by Elder for Accuracy-
  4. Elderpooter

    KSI INSIGHT DNH appeal

    Your account has been unbanned for the remainder of your case.
  5. Elderpooter

    Am I still in KSI?

    No. Ask an officer in your squad if you need a link.
  6. Elderpooter

    KSI Hall of Fame Inductions

    The Hall of Fame is one of the longest standing traditions in KSI. The members included in the Hall of Fame are the greatest leaders this community has ever seen, with their accomplishments still echoing into this new era. They embody all the ideals and skills we look for in a leader. Dedicated, focused, loyal, innovative, fair and open minded, intelligent, to just name a few. Over the past couple years the concept of the Hall of Fame has, sadly, been diluted from what it once was. The prestige wore off and people began to see it as nothing more than a collection of names. The deeds accomplished by leaders like KSI Oldman 7, KSI Shamen 7 and KSI Apollyon 7 were forgotten and they weren’t replaced by anything new. It’s been a few years since someone was officially inducted the proper way. Because of that, the Hall of Fame isn’t what it used to be. That changes today. From this day forward the Hall of Fame should be seen as a KSI career milestone where your name and deeds can be remembered for years to come. We’re going to put the prestige and pride back into it. It’ll be the example of what every great leader can achieve. So, JT and myself couldn’t think of a better way to start reforming the Hall of Fame by inducting three new names that will help bring the standard back to where it should be. KSI Johnson 7, KSI Poseidon 7 and KSI Chaoticz 7 have officially been inducted into the KSI Hall of Fame. Their dedication and work they’ve put into the community make this an easy decision. KSI is surging right now and a culture has been established like we’ve never seen before. And this largely has to do with everything these 3 have done. They are the exact standard JT and I envisioned our leaders should meet when we discussed excellence in our leadership. Poseidon, Johnson and Chaoticz have done more than enough to join the leaders currently in the Hall of Fame, and we are lucky as a community to have them working for the betterment of our future. A future that is good hands. Sincerely, KSI Kered 7 Executive Director
  7. Elderpooter

    The Return of Mr Kona 7

    Welcome back!
  8. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box

    This has been completed
  9. Elderpooter

    Display name

    Looks like you got it squared away! Let us know if you need anything else
  10. Elderpooter

    Website Ads

    What he said ^
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    He wont be posting for a bit...
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    Never mind then, I rescind my welcome
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    I was around since 2005..... and unless I am really off in my estimate of how many people were here, I am almost certain it wasnt 60,000. To my knowledge, at its largest, KSI was 20,000 (at any one time). And that was probably 2009-2010
  15. Elderpooter


    60,000 strong in 2004? Let me express my doubt