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  1. Am I still in KSI?

    Thanks Chaoticz. @BlitzerHoundLet me contact a few people for you.
  2. Am I still in KSI?

    Yeah some people saw this post and thought “what in the world is this guy talking about”. If you don’t know anyone here, we probably don’t know you. Not sure who you are or what squad you’re from but if you’ve been gone long enough that your squad and your division aren’t around anymore, then you need to re join.
  3. Help

    What? Do you have an account on here? If so, sign in. You want back into our discord... what is your discord name?
  4. Account Recovery for old member

    I replied to you as well.
  5. Account Recovery for old member

    I sent you a PM.
  6. Admin Request Box.

    Dabstar is done. The lead roles aren’t going to be used anymore. Once the new groups are set up we will put them in the right group.
  7. Admin Request Box.

    Okay it all makes sense now. Haha... so... @Kered 7 was the one who cleaned the groups and deleted some groups yesterday. I don’t see that group here so I’ll let him address it with you!
  8. Admin Request Box.

  9. Admin Request Box.

    Thanks Devilcat. This is done
  10. Admin Request Box.

    @CrazyHedge link me to this persons profile, can’t find them.
  11. Admin Request Box.

  12. Admin Request Box.

    I’ll echo this in the admin area to get it done quicker hopefully.
  13. Admin Request Box.

    I put this request in our leadership admin request box. Once Kered sees this (or mine) he will hook you up!
  14. Admin Request Box.

    @Kered 7 Viktory is good to go. I can vouch also. He can have T&E group
  15. EA and Pay to Win