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  1. Elderpooter


    I’ll witness for both.
  2. Elderpooter

    KSI PhantomWolf Request

    Thank you for giving him a name change, his prior one made me crack up every time I see it. I witness for both. lol
  3. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box.

    That’s why you were getting made fun of
  4. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box.

    Done, no thanks to @Chaoticz 7
  5. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box.

    I read that the first time. What team is he on?
  6. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box.

    Which group(s)?
  7. Elderpooter

    Marketing Department Proposal

  8. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box.

    I haven’t had this complaint before, and this is everyone’s theme by default. Hit me up on discord and we can discuss, but if we wanna discuss here I can make a topic in this are for it so we can track it.
  9. Elderpooter

    I'm back... Can I get my name back?

    If you use discord, please hit me up so we can get you taken care of, otherwise we can use PMs on here. Discord: elderpooter#6969
  10. Elderpooter

    Marketing Department Proposal

    Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate the suggestion, and will bear it in mind as we move forward and continue to evolve our departments. It is worth noting that we do have a social media department that has no staff, which performs most if not all of the tasks suggested here.
  11. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box.

    You should have AAP access now.
  12. Elderpooter

    Request more questions for polls.

    I have set it to 10, send me a message on discord if for some reason this isn’t enough.
  13. July 4th. Drinking.
  14. Elderpooter

    Recruitment Tournament

    Congratulations to KSI xVapeSatanX and KSI Packers on winning our recruitment tournament! They will receive $100 and $50 Amazon Gift Cards!