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  1. Elderpooter

    DaniWolf DNH Appeal

    Sure thing. We can talk tomorrow. Closed.
  2. Elderpooter

    DaniWolf DNH Appeal

    If you want your appeal handled in a private manner, don’t post it here. You’re ineligible for multiple reasons, and for those reasons you will remain DNH. Since you asked to keep it private, I will do so and not list the reasons here. But if you choose to appeal, it will be done here and in public so that there is no question as to fairness. The same as every other case. If you want to continue in this venue, let us know, otherwise, you know how to contact me if you feel the need to appeal to me directly.
  3. Elderpooter

    KSI ThisJustIn DNH Appeal

    Hi All, Overall, Justin was doing things which were odd, such as looking up everyone's facebook accounts and acting in a strange manner. Since he was back, he didnt seem to have any regard for the rules or even for himself being in the community. Attached are screenshots that led to us DNHing him. Overall, he has just been causing drama, and wasn't adding anything useful to the community.
  4. Elderpooter

    Appeal Form

    Also, I wanted to note for the judges that I have been receiving multiple reports from members about Tinlock harassing them currently, just thought it should be noted.
  5. Elderpooter

    Appeal Form

    To clarify on the “don’t remembers” I just recently added Tinlock to the DNH list when he filled out an application to rejoin. His actions while he was here last, in my opinion warrant a DNH, and to be honest I am not sure why he was not added to it before.
  6. Elderpooter


    Use the proper form.
  7. Elderpooter

    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    Lets see if this proves more than 25% of what I said or not. Also @Crusader 7 there is more, and I can continue to gather more, however I do think that this should suffice. Please let me know if you would like anything additional Also to clarify, he was DNH for disrespect as well as poaching. Below you can see that he is talking about how his community will respect people, and that we can expect to lose more soon (the people he messaged to join). Also is a screenshot of the messages he was sending out to try to get people to leave KSI.
  8. Elderpooter

    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    I don't need to provide you proof of anything, so you can be frustrated all you like. If I didn't have proof and reasons to add you to the DNH list, you wouldn't be on it to begin with. Also, read what you just said, you're trying to cause drama in that paragraph. I won't be providing you with anything, I will go through tonight and gather my screenshots and will provide them to the judges. In my mind, your only shot at a second chance was being honest and asking for a second chance. The fact that you are still causing drama and still not being honest, doesn't make me want to give you another shot.
  9. Elderpooter

    Pxrtr’s Appeal

    Firstly, use the proper form. Secondly, you were not told you had a 2 week ban. You were told by me that you were removed, and that it would be temporary if you acted properly. In the time following me telling you that, you not only messaged people and talked trash and insulted them, but you actively poached members from the community into a new group that you either formed or were a part of. Please don't act like "you dont know why you didnt hear back from us for 5/6 months". If needed, I will reach out to all those who you PMd and insulted after you were kicked, and we can post that all here. The way you acted while in KSI was not productive and caused a toxic environment for all of the other members of the community. The way you acted after you were kicked further re-enforced what I had already assumed, and that is that you are someone who will continue to cause drama and create a negative, toxic environment, which I won't tolerate. I hope that I have cleared up for you the reason you never heard back from reddog, and if you want/need I will go digging for screenshots, as I said. Best of luck in the future.
  10. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box

    No worries, let us know if you need anything else!
  11. Elderpooter

    Am I still in KSI?

    No. Ask an officer in your squad if you need a link.
  12. Elderpooter

    KSI Hall of Fame Inductions

    The Hall of Fame is one of the longest standing traditions in KSI. The members included in the Hall of Fame are the greatest leaders this community has ever seen, with their accomplishments still echoing into this new era. They embody all the ideals and skills we look for in a leader. Dedicated, focused, loyal, innovative, fair and open minded, intelligent, to just name a few. Over the past couple years the concept of the Hall of Fame has, sadly, been diluted from what it once was. The prestige wore off and people began to see it as nothing more than a collection of names. The deeds accomplished by leaders like KSI Oldman 7, KSI Shamen 7 and KSI Apollyon 7 were forgotten and they weren’t replaced by anything new. It’s been a few years since someone was officially inducted the proper way. Because of that, the Hall of Fame isn’t what it used to be. That changes today. From this day forward the Hall of Fame should be seen as a KSI career milestone where your name and deeds can be remembered for years to come. We’re going to put the prestige and pride back into it. It’ll be the example of what every great leader can achieve. So, JT and myself couldn’t think of a better way to start reforming the Hall of Fame by inducting three new names that will help bring the standard back to where it should be. KSI Johnson 7, KSI Poseidon 7 and KSI Chaoticz 7 have officially been inducted into the KSI Hall of Fame. Their dedication and work they’ve put into the community make this an easy decision. KSI is surging right now and a culture has been established like we’ve never seen before. And this largely has to do with everything these 3 have done. They are the exact standard JT and I envisioned our leaders should meet when we discussed excellence in our leadership. Poseidon, Johnson and Chaoticz have done more than enough to join the leaders currently in the Hall of Fame, and we are lucky as a community to have them working for the betterment of our future. A future that is good hands. Sincerely, KSI Kered 7 Executive Director
  13. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box

    This has been completed
  14. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box

    Your accounts have been merged.
  15. Elderpooter

    Admin Request Box

    All completed. Sorry for the delay. If I ever take more than a day or two send me a message on discord! Thanks