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  1. KSI Slim

    its been a longgggg time.

    Yeah I spent all my days in xd. But your right the name definitely sounds familiar...
  2. KSI Slim

    its been a longgggg time.

    Yea Ksi Pasco sounds really familiar. What division were you in?
  3. KSI Slim

    its been a longgggg time.

    I doubt anybody here remembers me. But I joined ksi around 2006, the good old Halo 2 days haha. Well I got recruited into xd. More specifically sub-xero... I worked my way up the ranks and bounced around a few clans within the division. And eventually became a co founder. And formed The clan "kryos" on my own. Anyway I ended up going through some major life "situations" for awhile but everything settled down and I was interested in possibly joining ksi again.. And maybe even reconnecting with some old friends. My old tag was ksi slim.