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Found 4 results

  1. Nex Addo

    September of the Month Winners

    KSI Global every month gives the community a chance to recognize those who have been seen by their peers for doing their part in this community. Each month we want to thank every member of this community for making a difference and during the month of September the following are those who stood out to their fellow members for numerous reasons. TO HAVE THE TWITCH EXPERIENCE: "The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do." - Kobe Bryant, Professional Basketball Player KSI GAME 7 "Senior Leader of The Month" KSI Mizz Airy "Director of the Month" KSI Anubis 7 "Division Leader of the Month" KSI Blazedaily 7 "CoDivision Leader of the Month" KSI Hardman 7 "Founder of the Month" KSI Altair S7 "CoFounder of the Month" KSI Packers 97 "General of the Month" KSI x Partyboy X "Officer of the Month" KSI DoWrk "Member of the Month" KSI panda sr "Global Member of the Month" KSI Airborn 7 "Forums Staff Member of the Month" KSI Hoedoor "Streamer of the Month"
  2. Hey there. My name is KSI Chaoticz and I am a member of the Achievements Award Program {AAP}. I would like to encourage you to go to the AAP forum and apply for any awards you are eligible for. You can get awards for all sorts of things; Following the KSI Social Media, Being an Officer, Recruiting, Training, Gamerscore, Time spent on the forums, and much, much, more! The process below does not take alot of time to do at all and you can start to buff up your profile with some super awesome awards. Check this link for the list of awards and requirements Copy the form in this link Post it as a topic in this link
  3. ​This form must be filled in fully (Requirement) ​-------------------------------------------------------------- Gamertag: (Requirement) ​Link to Forums Account:(Requirement) ​Awards/Achievements:(Requirement) Witnesses or Proof: (Requirement) ​(If for any reason you are finding difficulty posting evidence/proof please contact one of our AAP representatives marked with a Gold member group Tag) ​ ​--------------------------------------------------------------- ​See Full list of Awards and Achievements Requirements in Topic.
  4. Apex

    The AAP

    I believe that we need to add another Rank/Level to the AAP, one that specifically deals with giving members the awards earned through the program... BECAUSE, iv noticed over the years that the Heads of the AAP have been giving themselves Awards/Achievements without going through the proper protocols and procedures, of submitting an application for an award through the AAP so im suggesting we add a bit of "Checks and Balances" to the program.. EX: The Head of the AAP can approve people for awards/achievements, but cannot directly give them to the person... (lets just call him the award giver for the sake of the subject) The Head of the AAP would then ask the "Award Giver" to add said awards to the persons awards section... So basically the "Head" aproves the person, in which time the "Giver" gives the award to the person.... the "Giver" is not allowed to issue an award without the say so of the Head of the AAP. The "Giver's" Job is to make sure no one gives themselves an award without going through the proper channels that EVERYONE else has to go through Because lets face it... alot of people are getting PO'd by the fact that they get denied for an award cuz the head doesnt think they deserve it, but yet the head has given the award to himself because he wants it im not naming name past or present im just pointing out what iv seen over the years