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Found 11 results

  1. What was the game that defined and got you hooked on gaming for me it has to be Golden Eye on N64... the story and graphics back then made it iconic.
  2. Let's see some of everyone's favorite games. List as many as you want so we can find more people for our games.
  3. Anatomy <3

    Update to Xbox Avatars

    We have all spent some serious time in creating our Xbox Live avatars over the years since their introduction to the Xbox 360 in late 2008. Whether we made them look comparable to how we look in person or end up becoming Master Chief in a tuxedo top, short shorts, and combat boots, we all have come to enjoy the characters that represent us while on Xbox Live. The selection of how we can make our avatars look though hasn’t changed much at all over the 9 years that they have been apart of the Xbox Live experience. There were numerous minor changes, such as the addition of the prop store, but the selection choices kept our characters very limited on how far / how close to ourselves we could push the avatar; that however is about to change! At the most recent E3 conference, the Vice President of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, revealed the updates to the avatar editor, calling it Avatar 2.0, that was supposed to originally be released Fall 2017. This week, Mike Ybarra tweeted out informing Xbox Users that the upgrade is being pushed back to early 2018 now, however from the teasers and images promoting the upgrade, as Mike says in his tweet, “patience pays off”. As seen in the article image, the level of customization is mass compared to what it currently allows. The diversity that Xbox is allowing users to consider is extremely mass too as the promotion video (linked at the bottom of the article) shows avatars in wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and even allowing for avatars to wear anything in the store to null out any gender issues. The level of care and consideration for all walks of people is something that was lacking up until now. The avatars themselves also come to life with the redesigned face, actions, attitudes, and so much more customization options. Bryan Saftler, a Lead Product Manager for Xbox says, “We built these from the ground-up, they’re being built in Unity which is a whole new engine. Avatars are meant for whatever you want your digital self to represent. We don’t want to put you in a box, there are no more checkboxes, no matter what you think you look like or what you want to present online.” An official release date for the update has yet to be announced, however, this is something that will likely be released in early 2018 so keep your eyes out for it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpMBrrgQ3Jo
  4. Lokichu

    Iron Banner Hits Destiny 2

    Bungie recently announced the launch of the first Iron Banner in Destiny 2. The competitive based Player vs. Player (PVP) event, much like the Trials of the Nine, is set to start on October 10th at 5am EST. It then ends a week later on the 17th at the same time. Unlike Crucible and Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner likely has the extra element of damage given and received being based on power level (akin to the light-level enabled event in the first game). The event begins by getting a quest from Lord Saladin in the tower. Keep in mind, to access the Tower you must have beaten the campaign. Then you can access the Iron Banner in the same place you would access the Crucible and the Trials of the Nine. Iron Banner will keep the same format as the other PVP playlists in Destiny 2 - 4v4 - with the gametype of Control, where Guardians battle it out to maintain the majority control of three posted flags. Weapons are rumored to be a part of the new banner, but nothing is officially confirmed. All in all, I’m really excited for the Iron Banner. The new armor takes on the style of ancient warriors and already looks really good. It will be a nice break in between Faction Rallies, the week-long event in which Dead Orbit beat out New Monarchy and Future War Cult in the first appearance. See you on the battlefield, Guardians! Source: Makuch, Eddie. “Iron Banner Makes Destiny 2 Debut Soon With These Gear And Armor Rewards.” GameSpot, Gamespot, 6 Oct. 2017, www.gamespot.com/articles/iron-banner-makes-destiny-2-debut-soon-with-these-/1100-6453826/. Image source: https://twitter.com/Bungie/status/916073036759023616

    Defiance? :/

    Out of all of you PC gamers, who of you like defiance? I like defiance and I want to see KSI get more involved in games like Defiance. What do you think?
  6. Hello, I am Gaming Empire and I have been playing call of duty for a few years and I finally decided to join and clan. I was browsing and this one looked interesting. I decided to sign up and write this hoping to get into one of the KSI squads. If you are able to recruit and reading please message my GT: GamingToEmpire. Thank you for reading this.

    help get me likes

    https://www.facebook.com/KSITHUNDER i recently started a facebook page and need likes plz help
  8. Buddy_Fuka

    KSI Minecraft Village (Xbox 360)

    KSI GLOBAL XBOX 360 MINECRAFT VILLAGE Server Status: Offline Introduction Started to allow members to work together and have fun to build an amazing village This Forum Post Will Be Active And Updated Often So Follow Post And Keep Informed On World World Details - Survival Mode (ONLY) - Difficulty can change based on situation - Texture Pack (Natural) - All players within the world must be able to communicate (Same Party) - No Stealing, Greifing or Trolling of anykind - Meant to be fun so dont ruin it for others - Work with one another - We are a community not Lone Rangers (Stay Near The Group) - Do your part - No Glitching or Duplicating of any kind - Be Reasonable - Trust Players is OFF (Ask for Rights when you join) - Must be a Member to play in the World *World Details Will Be Updated If Needed* How To Join To get involved in the KSI MINECRAFT VILLAGE please send a Friend Request to KSI Archer Or Post Below With Your Gamertag To Do List - Community Farm ( Community Project ) . Melon Farm . Tree Farm . Coca Bean Farm . Pumpkin Farm . Wheat Farm . Sugar Cane Farm .Animal Farm - Achievement Hall ( Communtiy Project ) - Nether Portal - XP Farm - Village Resource Center ( Community Project ) *If You Have Any Ideas You Would Like To See Be Added To The List, Post Below* Ideas List All Ideas Will Be Voted On With A Poll To Add Your Idea Post Below *Like This Thread*
  9. Lunamay

    BACK after a very long time

    Hi everyone, you may not know me but idid used to play alot of Halo reach a couple of years ago, sadly though i began to suffer some money issues which meant i could not play online anymore therefore i got kicked out of the group i was playing with . BUT good news is i am back and i know have the time and a little money which means i could start playing again. I would like to say i am very sorry for not coming on here at all over time, as well as money troubles i had other things to deal with but now its all better and i am looking forward to getting live again and getting to playing some halo or maybe COD which i now play now and again.
  10. PotHeadDegree

    Looking for Gamers

    Looking for anyone thats down to game late night gamer chicks and guys alike haven't had a solid group to game with in awhile hmu xbox gt PotHeadDegree
  11. Hey KSI! I just joined KSI Lethal SR and I was wondering if you guys could go and give my YouTube channel some love, drop a Sub if you guys like the content, it's just starting out it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Channel: https://www.YouTube.com/user/TEAMCANTWIN If you want to leave me feed back just write it in the comments!