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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm Blueskyfish. I was in KSI long ago. I had to stop playing video games for a while, went to uni to study illustration and stuff. All my friends stopped playing halo so I stopped, too. I'm looking for people to play halo with again, I really miss some good teamplay with people I can rely on. I'm not super great, but I always have a positive KD and only play for the team play. That is why I came to KSI, I thought maybe there would be people here who still play halo 3 - reach, as I don't enjoy halo 4. And I know KSI has a good, rigid and reliable Clan structure and usually respectable members, too, if it is anything like when I was in back then. My KSI gamertag was KSI SkyAmbience. I'll happily play with anyone who plays Reach, feel free to add my xbox gamertag Blueskyfish. I need to orient myself and get to know people before I join any divisions or anything like that. Alternatively, I also play TF2 on steam. (BlueSkyfish) I'm struggling navigating this website, and don't know all the rules yet or where to find all the info I need, like a directory of all the divisions and what they do.
  2. xDeathxDroidx

    xDeathxDroidx Returns

    Hey guys, xDeathxDroidx's back and I'm looking for a group to focus on Halo: Reach if possible. The other games I play right now though are Gears of war 3 and Halo Wars. I don't really have much money right now to get any of the newer franchised games but when I can I'll keep you guys updated.
  3. PotHeadDegree

    Looking for Gamers

    Looking for anyone thats down to game late night gamer chicks and guys alike haven't had a solid group to game with in awhile hmu xbox gt PotHeadDegree
  4. Please go to youtube.com/OGhomelessguy and check out my montage and sub/like if you like!!!!! thanks everyone xbox GT : OGhomelessguy