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Found 3 results

  1. KSI Icarius

    My name is Icarius

    Hello everyone, My name is KSI Icarius... I play Halo 5 and am a relatively recent member. Im super active and excited to meet everyone. I've just registered on the forums.... HAAAALLLLLOOOO!! <3
  2. SneakyHashbrown

    Sneaky's Intro

    Hello everyone I am new here, I haven't been officially signed to anything yet, but I can't wait to get started, I also can't wait to make new friends, and new bonds with people. If you wanna see more about me just look at my profile or you can talk to me on XBL GT: SneakyHashbrown Or you can KIK me at SneakyHashbrownKIK
  3. KSI AuzzieAleet

    KSI AuzzieAleet

    Heyy Guys My name is KSI AuzzieAleet, Im A CPT in Fallen XK, i Joined this amazing community after my friend left KSI United( Fuzzys) I was a general of Vicious WI, I got to choose the name i left as a good friend left and i did not want to loose him, Im enjoying myself here its legit a family here, i love the love and respect i recieve here, I am From Australia and i have one of them sexy accents I am currently blind in my Left eye got drunk a few weeks ago on my 20th birthday and ran into a tree haha Feel Free to add me i dont bite much, cant wait to me you all