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Found 28 results

  1. cK General

    Where my OG's at

    Where in the world are all my old school members at? Anybody from my time frame still around, like '06 era, the golden era of KSI? Kered, Rex, Yuki, Salu2, Tex, Gaia, HB, any of the old school people still here. What about the leaders? I miss my old friends.
  2. R00t Da3m0n

    Blacklist Abolished

    KSI Global Members, I just wanted to take a moment to make everyone aware of our change in stance concerning blacklists. I want to first make everyone aware of the change and how it will impact the community as well as relations with other communities. Secondly, I want to be clear on why we made the decision we made and how we think it will allow us to not only grow our community but be better individuals, leaders, and most importantly human beings. So what is this big change? We have cleared the Blacklist and going forward we will no longer be using a Blacklist! Now I know some of you probably just said "What the?" or "Is he crazy?" out loud. Please take the time to read the entire reasoning and vision before forming your opinion. What if people are kicked out? We will still have a strict DNH (Do Not Hire) policy. Members who are removed for serious violations of the C.o.C. will not be allowed to join or participate in "Community activities" or be in divisions/squads. However, KSI members will be allowed to associate and game with the DNH'd individuals. What if people are being disruptive/abusive? We need to simple work as a team and make smart decisions about who we associate with. If someone is harassing you or another member, simple block and part ways with the individual. Don't feed into the nonsense, just move on and enjoy your game time with your fellow KSI members. If a KSI member is hanging around someone that is acting in this way have an open dialog and let them know that you don't wish to hang out with the disruptive individual. If it continues to be an issue than simply don't associate with the member and inform your leadership. Why? - This is probably the most important question to answer. My question to you would be, What does a blacklist really accomplish? Many communities/gamers that are blacklisted see it as either a badge of honor or a personal insult. Both of which are contradicting to our goal of helping shape better individual. We need to learn to be better people and see situations from both sides of the coin. Even if we can't see eye to eye we still treat the other person with respect, even when they are not respectful to us. We all make friends with people that may not be the type of character that we look to have within KSI. It is not our place as a community to dictate with whom you can and can not play with. It is your money that pays for your internet, console, games, etc. You should be able to enjoy it with whomever you want. My vision is for all gamers to have fun gaming while helping each other to become not just better gamers but also better people. Our world is full of terrible people, lets help change that one person at a time. Never leave a KSI member behind! -KSI JT 7 aka Jtthemarine aka R00t Da3m0n Proud lifelong member of KSI
  3. Lets see how many pages and posts we can get on this forum thread, in a YEAR! So the rules of this game are actually quite simple It's the counting game. No Double Posting! I'll Start. 1
  4. cLeod_Niiiiiiiiine

    New to KSI LE and streaming on twitch

    Hi, I’m new to KSI and looking to stream
  5. Nex Addo

    September of the Month Winners

    KSI Global every month gives the community a chance to recognize those who have been seen by their peers for doing their part in this community. Each month we want to thank every member of this community for making a difference and during the month of September the following are those who stood out to their fellow members for numerous reasons. TO HAVE THE TWITCH EXPERIENCE: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/181740463 "The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do." - Kobe Bryant, Professional Basketball Player KSI GAME 7 "Senior Leader of The Month" KSI Mizz Airy "Director of the Month" KSI Anubis 7 "Division Leader of the Month" KSI Blazedaily 7 "CoDivision Leader of the Month" KSI Hardman 7 "Founder of the Month" KSI Altair S7 "CoFounder of the Month" KSI Packers 97 "General of the Month" KSI x Partyboy X "Officer of the Month" KSI DoWrk "Member of the Month" KSI panda sr "Global Member of the Month" KSI Airborn 7 "Forums Staff Member of the Month" KSI Hoedoor "Streamer of the Month"
  6. BCGxBearCatGaming

    Return to KSI?

    I don't know how to put this, but... I was a member back a year ago "KSI Rat5kull", a "OCTANE" Sargeant within KSI. The reason I left KSI, was because of our OGEN leaving OCTANE and KSI to make a new Gaming Clan. Heavy hearts fell quickly throughout. From a count of 35~40 members, 19+ left to follow/find him. I stayed with what was left. Parties kept quiet and inactive. I no longer could bare OCTANE anymore. I left there, wishing farewell to who was left. A year has passed. Enlisted into the United States Air Force, and found myself in the XBOX ONE Community. Recently I found a KSI member alone in a lobby surrounded by haters dissing him, I tried talking to the member but he denied it. He left and went offline. I honestly thought KSI died when OCTANE fell. But I guess it's still alive. If anyone can chat, I'd love to hear more bout KSI, especially after my absense. Thank you for whoever reads this. -BCG(Frmr KSI Rat5kull)
  7. KSI Binary

    KSI Binary Purple Banner

    From the album: Binary

  8. KSI Binary

    01 Binary Icon

    From the album: Binary

  9. Mizz Airy

    Outstanding Service Citation

    This award is one of the very few which are given only at the discretion of senior leadership of KSI to those who have provided an incredible long-lasting contribution to the community. It is a coveted award, not handed out by self-nomination or even by nomination from other members. Today we have the pleasure of announcing a new recipient of this classic award. KSI Mr Miagi first joined KSI in Empire RD in November 2015. He rejoined into Darkness TR September 2016 and was a key part of building the first Destiny squad to execute a successful split. Not long after, it was mentioned that the Clan Management System admins could use help with coding, and Mr Miagi volunteered for the extra responsibility. Within six months, he redesigned the somewhat broken CMS, fixing and improving on features with assistance from KSI DoubleOh 7 and input from other community leaders. His efforts resulted in the launch of the new CMS in June of 2017, and the difference has already been recognizable. Squads are better accounted for, displays are simpler to see at a glance, and administration functions have improved significantly. For this selfless volunteered dedication, senior leadership has seen fit to award KSI Mr Miagi with the Outstanding Service award. Congratulations @KSI Mr Miagi!
  10. KSI SunKitty 7

    paths may differ

    paths may differ two paths meeting in the middle bringing mentors, students, leaders, members. allies, enemies. two sides differ, the paths split allies stay, grow, rebuild, enemies run, steal, hide path cross and differ, each day at the end we stay moving, growing, and learning many paths brought KSI to existence but none shall end it. KSI SunlKitty
  11. This is technically in response to a question asked by @KSI Airborn 7 , but is a general suggestion list for improving forum activity. Going to preface this by saying that some of these may be a little unsavory, but effective nonetheless. Create clickbaity and/or controversial topics (i.e. political, this vs that, ___ is overrated, etc) For clickbait - refer to the title of this thread as an example. Impose daily posting requirements for web staff (i.e. all web staff must create 5+ posts/day, 1 new topic per day, etc) Ask lots of questions in posts/topics to encourage replies Get people to post about life goals / keep journals in threads about achieving said goals / everyone else reply to keep them accountable and on track Have leaders participate more (if the lower ranks don't see the big dogs posting, they can and WILL assume it's not necessary) Daily or weekly motivation or "thought of the week" topics to capture interest and get people to post opinions Weekly "hot topics" thread - basically just a round-up highlighting the most popular topics for the week to encourage people to revisit/reply to them A more clearly defined "like" or "thanks" button for posts. Kids are all about recognition. If they feel like they're not only getting replies, but racking up "likes" they'll keep posting. Ego bait topics. If a member does something cool/awesome whether its for the community or just related to gaming in general - make a topic announcing it. People love having their ego stroked no matter what it's for. And it'll generate replies. Tag them in the topics about them and tell them on XBL or Discord that you've made the topic. Featured clips / montages / etc - should be weekly, but if submissions are low, monthly. Announce to members that each week/month there will be a topic highlighting the best/coolest gaming clips or montages on the forums. Accept submissions. Depending on # of submissions, post about the #1 best, top 3, top 5, or top 10. Tag associated members, notify them via XBL / Discord, etc. Feel free to add suggestions and/or criticism to this list in the replies below. People that should read this - @Tech @Nex Addo @Game 7 @Anatomy <3 @R00t Da3m0n @Cali 7 @Chaoticz☣ @Kered @Mizz Airy etc.
  12. Nex Addo

    KSI Ear Worm - Episode 1

    KSI Podcast team wants to announce our first miniseries! KSI Ear Worm are serious little shorts from articles such as editorials we believed would be better as audio. Anyone may be reading these! So check out our first episode and dont forget to leave comments!
  13. Hey everyone I would like to Start this chat with a paper that, I've drafted for rough guidelines in giving primary training other than initial Code of Conduct reading, this to ensure that everyone clearly understands what The COC is and what it means along with reducing the number of fluff recruits (Fluff meaning one foot in one foot out or still unsure) These are NOT OFFICIAL These are spitball Idea's. Introduction: Hello Guys and welcome to my Introduction to KSI class. If you are here you've been recruited into the finest gaming community on Xbox, I'm _____ nice to meet you. I'm here to teach you more about KSI. Topics: -Squad functions such as game nights, the squad tag and the weekly meetings. -Code of conduct what dose it mean to you. Ask them what The Code of conduct says 1-12 1 number per person and ask them how do they interoperate that rule. Ask If they have any questions related to this topic. -The ranking structure and who to report a problem to, Explain the ranking structure and what the open door policy means and that it is not to be abused. Ask If they have any questions related to this topic. -Discord, how we use it What it is for, getting them set up on discord. Ask them if they have any questions on the subject. -Black list, why do we have one, How you get black listed. Ask if they have any questions about the subject. -Forums how to set up an account, how to access the blacklist, chain of command and code of conduct pages. Any questions about this topic. -Game nights and why you should host/ attend them them (Meeting other squad members and making new friends. The deadline for application for hosting game nights is Sunday afternoon. Any questions about this subject. -End with having them go and adjust their location to change their profile to CPL (If currently Rec),Sgt(If current Cpl) go into their BIO's and have them pace Trained by____, The date ____
  14. Hello, I am Gaming Empire and I have been playing call of duty for a few years and I finally decided to join and clan. I was browsing and this one looked interesting. I decided to sign up and write this hoping to get into one of the KSI squads. If you are able to recruit and reading please message my GT: GamingToEmpire. Thank you for reading this.
  15. Chaoticz 7

    Xbox 360 Destiny Squad?

    Does anyone know of an xbox 360 Destiny squad besides KB Vandal? Looking to join a new one as the one im in - Vandal, as you may have guessed - is rather inactive. If anyone wants more details about me, or how i play etc just ask, thanks for any help guys.
  16. Nex Addo

    Quick 2 Questions

    Evening Members, Retiered Leaders, and so forth I have two questions for an article I am wiriting. Please answer to the best of the ability If you have anything else to offer please do post as this will help alot. Thanks, Nex Addo
  17. TRW420Rips

    What's Good Everybahdy

    Hey everyone, my name is Rich, 21 years old. Just joined this morning/last night. I play Smite, gonna get CoD soon. Xbox one exclusive for now, hopefully PS4 soon also. Lookin forward to meeting n talkin to everyone. Dirty Dog recruited me and I've enjoyed playin with everyone so far. P.S. If you live in Socal near SD, I run a medical marijuana dispensary hit me up if you need that medicine
  18. Hello there, fellow member of KSI, my name is Anthony, but everyone calls me Shuriken. I am a new recruit and i am in the Fury squad in CC. I was recruited by KSI Minimower. Well I dont really like playing any overrated games like Minecraft or Call of Duty, but sometimes nostalgia hits me with a big sandal and i decide to make some good times in those types of games. I play on most platforms (PC, Console, Mobile, and portable consoles.), but my favorites are the ones on PC and Console. I like laughing, and that is why i play with friends. We usually have funny moments that can be filled with humor and laughter from mics. I also like playing competitivly in games like Halo (CE - 5), Counter Strike : Global Offensive, Starcraft II Wings of Liberty, and Osu!. Yes, I am a bit of a "squeaker", but I don't really care what people think my age is, as long as its humorous or fun I can deal with it. I am so lucky that I am in this lovely community and I hope it will stay that way! Heres for the Laugh out Louds:
  19.  KSI Neon Fade

    It's been a while.

    Sorry it's been a whole since I been on here, so I'll try my best to help out the forums and doest the weird about KSI.
  20. KSI Deejnerys


    Hey guys, Deej here. We're looking for people who're interested in being a part of something big. Something awesome. Something we all know lovingly as Major League Gaming. It isn't division or squad specific, it's KSI wide and we want the best of the best that we have. I will be in contact with top sponsors, other teams and the league itself so we can get our name out there and really show the world what KSI is made of. All interested please leave a comment below or contact myself or KSI Sandman on Xbox. There will be rules and regulations as all teams have, as well as a tryout when we get the interested members. Thanks and hope to hear from you!! NOTE: It's Call of Duty Black Ops 2 by the way
  21. KSI Monsterz

    New Member

    What is up members or the KSI family! I am currently BLG Attila (which I'm looking to change right now! But I need some cool new KSI Gamer tag suggestions) I was in many Different gaming communities such as: LoD, BLG, EGM, WFG, and more. Community History: My first clan was BLG. Which was a clan the branched off from TMG. The makers were BLG Raze, and BLG Bumblebee. In BLG I was a General (at the time 400+ members strong). In LoD I was a Lieutenant, but then the clan was shut down. I then re-started BLG becoming the owner of a 200+ member gaming community. What I'm looking forward to in KSI: In KSI I'm looking forward to meeting all new players, and getting my game on. I want to be apart for the Web design team, since I have experience. Also I want to get into Graphic design too. I plan on joining a lot of teams/ projects and look forward to maybe creating new ones and expanding the options for KSI. Just about me: I make Youtube videos for PC games. I have a huge following on Twitch but I need to get more known on the Youtubes. I know how to code from HTML to Javascript, to C++, and then to python. I love to make banners, profile pictures, and Signatures, so don't hesitate to ask. I am a Death Metal vocalist, in a band called Odysseus. We've played with Dr Acula, and I declare war. my favorite color is Blue. My favorite band is System of a Down, and favorite musician is Marilyn Manson. If you have more questions just leave a reply and I'll respond.
  22. KSI SPARTAN 24


    Hello I am KSI SPARTAN 24 and I have been involved in KSI for about a month and a half and I am a 4LT and I play halo most of the time and COD sometimes
  23. R00t Da3m0n

    PHP / mysql classes?

    A lot of people come to me day after day asking if they can help with the KSI forums other web entities. However the vast majority of people wanting to help don't know anything that is beneficial. So I was thinking I might start mini classes on basic php coding & mysql. Would this be something people would be interested in? I have a very busy schedule, so I am not sure if this would be a live class or maybe just a grouping of forum posts. If this is seriously something you would be interested in please post here and let me know. I am not claiming to be the all mighty know everything. So don't comment if you are going to try and critic my coding.
  24. Sins

    The Path

    Good to be back. The forums are kinda whack, and I don't think there is really any specific individual to blame. I just got back and there's such a period of time that's been unaccounted for since I've been gone that I won't even begin to talk about what's happened outside of my time lol. But you know what makes the forums ****ty is when people say they are Anyway. I've already seen several of "it's always the same people here/never really active" statements in the amount of time of my brief return. So let me get some things out of the way: I don't know/care about "clan ops" and this is not an attack or insult to anyone. As much as I would love to go, "BACK IN THE OLD DAYS" I think I'll just write it out a little more thoughtfully than that. KSI Now: There is no tradition. No past to look at as an example. Discuss.
  25. GotThatDunk

    Game Night Idea.

    I thought of an idea for a KSI game night, we could go into a custom lobby on Black Ops 2, and there would be matches between different squads (Domination,TDM,S&D,Etc.) There could also be 1v1's, where the winner could maybe get some sort of prize? & because it's in a custom lobby there could be a lot of people in the game to watch it happen as well. it could also be a way to solve drama between 2 people, or 2 squads. Whatever the case may be. after the match is done, so is that drama. Where there will be no more talk of it. It's kind of like a schoolyard fight back in the day, where two people fought it out, and after the fight was over they would shake hands and the loser bought the winner a beer. Anyways it's just an idea I had. What do you guys think of it?