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      Forum Rules & Regulations [Updated 08.29.15]

      The Rules of The Land   Welcome to the KSI Forums. Our rules our pretty short, simple (and sometimes sweet & chewy). We (The Forum Staff) ask that you follow them at all times. Otherwise, Charlie will kick your butt.   Let's get down to business.     Your Rights: You have the right to remain here. Provided you follow the rules, or pay tribute in the form of Dr. Pepper.
      Remember the KSI Code of Conduct? That still applies here. Remember the Forum Disclaimer? That applies too.
      You have the right to have ONE and ONLY ONE forum account. All others will be found, will be subject to shock-therapy and Chinese water torture, and subsequently forcibly removed with the equivalent force of a nuclear bomb... Or a forum ban. (If you feel wrongful action was taken against you, contact a forum staff member).
      Please don't post content that may be: Abusive, Obscene, Vulgar, Slanderous, Hateful, Threatening, Sexually-oriented, or just overall disrespectful. We will remove it, we will remove you, and then we'll go back to playing our games, and eating cheese puffs.
      Be courteous to others. Even if you don't like them. We don't particularly care what reasons you have, which may or may not include: "They stole my pink doll (or "action figure") " or "They brought my K/D in the negative."
      We ask politely that you keep your pictures of your cat out of the shoutbox. Or any other pictures for that matter. or videos, or GIFs (It's pronounced like Gift without the T, btw...), or basically any media that may stretch the shoutbox or cause inconvenience for others. Nobody likes an inconvenience.
      Please follow any forum specific rules which may be conveniently posted in a Pinned Topic in the specific forums or in an Announcement of that forum. Failure to do so may result in a Nerf War or worse.
      Please don't use the forums as your personal marketplace. We don't appreciate your requests for 48-hours, or your lovely ads for male-enhancement drugs.
      We have the following tools at our disposal. Topic Locks, Topic Deletions, Post Deletions, Post Suspensions, Forum Suspensions, Forum Bans, IP Bans, Starvations, Executions, Floggings, Shock Therapy, and Good Ol' Fashioned Beatings with Leather Belts.
      Oh, did we mention that we may use those tools at any time, for any reason we feel necessary, possibly without warning? Including if you break any of the rules listed here OR if we ask you to stop and you continue like a child in a supermarket? Yes, ... we may.
      We ask you use Common Sense around the forums. That's all.
      And of course the essential "We may alter these rules at any time without notice" statement which we will place here.
          Play nice, here's a cookie, Game On!
    • Anatomy <3

      Guide for Easy Forums Usage [Updated 05.16.17]   03/12/2017

      KSI Forums Guidebook / FAQs 2017 Edition This guide is intended for new users to the KSI Global Gaming Network official forums website or those who are unfamiliar with IPBoard forums pages. The below information is only to get new users on track towards becoming a true professional forums user but cannot possibly answer all questions that may arise on an individual basis. For any questions that remain at the end of this guide, feel free to message a member of the KSI Moderation and Administration Staff for help -- they would love to see everyone active on the site and will help no matter how minor of an issue is presented. Section 1 - Making Topics / Posting The KSI Global Gaming Network is home to many different forums sections and subsections for members to chat among a number of different things from general topics, such as games, sports, music and movies, and anime and manga, to chats between members of KSI's divisions and squads. The KSI Forums website is a great tool for communication between members all throughout the KSI Global Gaming Network which all starts with creating new topics and posting on existing ones. If you go to a section that does not have a topic that you wish to discuss between other users on the site, you are encouraged to create a new in the area most suited for the topic. For example, if you want to discuss the sporting event that is coming up this week, the “Sports” subsection under the “General Discussion” section, most relates to the topic. By going to the section you will see a button listed as “Start New Topic”. Clicking this will bring you to the “Topic Editor” where you can create new topics. You will need to meet a few different criteria before your topic will go live - the topic must have a topic title and have some content associated with it as a first post (the tags is optional). Returning to the example of creating a topic for the upcoming sporting event, you may want to name your topic “Upcoming Sports Event” so that other users can get a feel for what they will be able to read in that topic. If you wish to tag items to the topic, tags such as “sports” and “events” may be appropriate but are not needed. In the bottom text box in the section you will want to provide some content to get a conversation started. In this example, maybe you post “I am excited for Team A to play and beat Team B, how about everyone else?” This will create a conversation between other users, thus making a for a good topic. The last step is to click “Post New Topic” and your topic will go live for others to see. Try not to create topics that have been already created as the KSI Moderation and Administration will close the topic if one already exists. The other side of the conversation on the KSI Forums is posting on existing topics. Posting on topics will have similar steps as creating a new topic. If you find a topic that you find interesting in any of the areas of the site, join in on the conversation! Go to the bottom of the page and you will see a chat input box. Once clicked on, the input box will look identical to how it does in the “Topic Editor”. Type in your message and click “Post” and your post will go live for other users.  Every instance that you post or create a new topic you will receive 1 post towards your total post count. Any posts or topics in the Spam / Watercooler section, however, are considered spam posts and topics, meaning they are complete and utter nonsense. The topics here may include topics such as a “Count to 1000” where you simply post the next number in succession. You will NOT receive 1 post towards your total post count as this is the only section the KSI Moderation and Administration Staff allow spam posting. Avoid double posting when you are creating a new topic and or post. This could mean one of two things. The first is if you did not include everything you meant to in your last post, instead of creating another post to correct it, on the bottom, far right of your post is the option to “Edit”. Clicking that will allow you to edit the content of your original post. The second way to avoid double posting is to give the site a few seconds to upload your post. Clicking the “Post” button a second or third time may cause the KSI Forums to lag and instead of posting faster, create multiple, identical posts. This does, in rare instances, happen randomly. If this happens, contact a member of the KSI Moderation and Administration Staff to clean up the extra post.   Section 2 - Shoutbox The Shoutbox is an instant chat messenger that the KSI Forums offers to users. To gain access to the shoutbox, you must have a minimum of 5 posts. The Shoutbox can be found and accessed at the top of most of all of the pages on the KSI Forums. Although there is a feature to prevent it, forcing all users to wait a minimum of 7 seconds to shout a second time in quick succession, be aware the flooding the Shoutbox with multiple shouts can be considered spamming.The Shoutbox is moderated the same way the rest of the site is so it is important to still follow the KSI Code of Conduct and KSI Forums Rules and Regulations when utilizing the Shoutbox.     Section 3 - Profile Edits Your personal profile on the KSI Forums holds all sorts of information about yourself that is provided by none other than yourself. It can be made however you want, serious, silly, whatever! When viewing any page, you will see your display name and image in the upper right hand corner of the website. Clicking your name will spin down a menu of options. To change your “About Me” and other profile specific customizations, go to “Profile”. Once on your profile, in the upper right hand corner of your cover photo will be an option to “Edit Profile”; clicking that will bring up a number of different options that can be changed at any point, as many times as you wish. Some key areas of the page to bring up is the ability to change your profile picture, adding contact and personal information if you wish (none of them are required), creating an “About Me” that will be displayed when users first view your page. To create a signature or change your display name which will display that the bottom of all your posts, you will have to modify your account settings. Go to the upper right hand corner of any page, click your display name and spin down the menu options, and go to “Account Settings”. On the left hand side will be a menu of options that you change change, the two most common being “Signature” and “Display Name”. You can change these to your liking and the edits will be shown on every instance of a post you have made.    Section 4 - Moderation and Administration Staff If after following the steps to any of these sections, or your question may not be answered by any of these sections, you can forward your inquiries to the KSI Moderation and Administration Staff. The members of the KSI Moderation and Administration Staff’s jobs, no matter Moderator or Administrator, is to work for the membership and will all gladly help out. It is important to follow the Chain of Command with your questions. Moderators are the lowest ranked members of the KSI Moderation and Administration Staff and are in the cyan color group. Global Moderators are the next level and are in the dark blue color group. If your question / request is about some out of their hands, you may need to contact an administrator (issues such as forgotten login information / profile merges cannot be completed by moderators). Although it is not lower in rank than any other administrator, the User Support Administrator is the best person to seek out as it is their job to help members with KSI Forums issues. There is also, even in rank with the User Support Administrator, the Technical Support Administrator. Above these two administrator positions is the Chief Administrator followed lastly by the Webmaster. Most issues / questions can be solved / fixed at a moderation level however, so do not skip right to an administration level for moderation level question.     *Original Guide created by: Kered **2017 Edition created by: Anatomy  

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Found 12 results

  1. KSI Libra

    Hey! Yes you! The one reading this! My name is David. I am a new member to the KSI Community. I would have to say, I have felt quite welcomed into the clan by many! Thank you guys for the recruitment and I am excited to meet each and every one of you. About me?! Hmmm.. Thats a good question. Do I even know myself, well kinda. Im in my mid twenties and I love spending most of my time outdoors and playing C.O.D on Xbox Live! I love hunting, fishing, camping, etc.. All the outdoor things lol. Oh and spending time with my other half. Im a pretty cheesy person and you'll learn that pretty quick LOL. Siiikkkeee.. You really thought I was for real right there! You scoundrel! LOL. I have a pretty good sense of humor. I like to joke around a lot, so dont take everything I say seriously. Ive been apart of the xbox community for a long time. I took a little break from live for a couple years and now im back so I need to reteach myself a lot of things. I use to be apart of Gamebattles Staff back in my high school years and a little while in college. I held many positions with Gamebattles, Referee, Referee Shadow-er, Assistant Head Referee, Head Referee, Administrator, Forum Moderator, and Human Resources. I had quite the compassion for gaming back then and now im kinda re-introducing myself to it again. Well thats a little bit about me. If you have any questions, please let me know! Later! P.S Dont look at the picture below, you might go blind! LOL
  2. Welcome KSI's Newest Moderators!

    Welcome KSI's Newest Moderators! By Jay Fox Becoming a KSI Moderator is a huge deal and a truly rare occasion. When it happens, it’s a big team effort to pick the most qualified member to become a Moderator. On 8/2/17 the KSI forums staff and Administration brought three new Moderators to the team: KSI Bizarre KSI Achilles 7, and KSI Airborn 7 are the newest additions to join the forums staff. As well as brining in a new Global Moderator KSI Mizz Airy, who just stepped down from her reign as Co-Head of the Department of Web Operations. From all of KSI, congratulations on your new roles in KSI and we wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor!
  3. Hello KSI

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to the clan (last week in April), and looking forward to having fun with all of you in the coming months. This isn't much of an intro, since I'm at work right this moment, but I'll add some content about myself when I get home this evening.
  4. Hello, I am Gaming Empire and I have been playing call of duty for a few years and I finally decided to join and clan. I was browsing and this one looked interesting. I decided to sign up and write this hoping to get into one of the KSI squads. If you are able to recruit and reading please message my GT: GamingToEmpire. Thank you for reading this.
  5. New member help

    Hey I just recently join,need help with a couple of things. Would appreciate it if anyone had the time.
  6. What's Good Everybahdy

    Hey everyone, my name is Rich, 21 years old. Just joined this morning/last night. I play Smite, gonna get CoD soon. Xbox one exclusive for now, hopefully PS4 soon also. Lookin forward to meeting n talkin to everyone. Dirty Dog recruited me and I've enjoyed playin with everyone so far. P.S. If you live in Socal near SD, I run a medical marijuana dispensary hit me up if you need that medicine
  7. I just signed up on the website!
  8. Hows It Going

    Im new to the forum but im not new to KSI.Ive been in KSI for 7 months today.I didnt make a forum when i joined because i havent changed my gamertag. I use to make GFX but i stopped because i want to do gameplays and livestream which i will be doing as soon as my computer and my el gato gets home. If you would like to play with me send and invite or message to my GT KSI RICN. If you would like to see some of my GFX go to www.youtube.com/scopedesigns and sub for more content follow me on twitter @itsricn and i will be doin livestreams at twitch.tv/itsricn. I hope My KSI Family shows some support I LOOOOVE being part of it. Sincerelly KSI RICN
  9. KSI AuzzieAleet

    Heyy Guys My name is KSI AuzzieAleet, Im A CPT in Fallen XK, i Joined this amazing community after my friend left KSI United( Fuzzys) I was a general of Vicious WI, I got to choose the name i left as a good friend left and i did not want to loose him, Im enjoying myself here its legit a family here, i love the love and respect i recieve here, I am From Australia and i have one of them sexy accents I am currently blind in my Left eye got drunk a few weeks ago on my 20th birthday and ran into a tree haha Feel Free to add me i dont bite much, cant wait to me you all
  10. Hi i'm new

    im a returning member was harassed for reason i will not say on here if you would like to know hmu on xbox but any ways im in SpecOps if you wanna chill or just talk hmu on the xbox @ WTD UnTrueGamer bye
  11. Skype... no thx I'll use Razer Comms!

    Hey everyone, I recently check out razer comms. It is actually really impressive for still being in beta. It is going to be 100% free at launch and there is group / channels. Everyone should definitely check it out! http://www.razerzone.com/comms This is an invitation to Razer Comms: a next generation in-game voice/text chat service that features: - Integrated in-game voice and chat messaging - Ultra-clear next generation VOIP technology - Group organization for clans, guilds and communities - And many more game specific features... Razer Comms is currently in Open Beta and will be free to download and use at launch. All you'll need to do is create a universal Razer ID as a requirement to log into the service and you will be able to invite more friends. Thank you for helping us make Razer Comms a better service for gamers worldwide. Download it here and join my gaming sessions by searching for . For Gamers. By Gamers.