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Found 4 results

  1. KSI PissedMoose

    Rugby anyone?

    Ok I know there must be some Ruggers up on this site? If so this is the place to share you game stories and just talk about the game! Ill share my Rugby history a bit. I played for 5 years throughout high school and a bit of university. When I was 17 I played for my provincial team (Eastern Ontario) and in the same year Made the Canadian U18 mens team. I am also a 5 time city champ and have been ranked in the top 100 Props in Canada (Im since retired so I am no longer on that list haha). I miss the game terribly but love my knees a bit better and after a terrible MCL tear and fractured knee cap I had to call it quits. Anyone else have any stories? Please share!
  2. KSI Blk Xer0 7

    16 Superbowl

    Who is your pick for the superbowl this fine season. I am a Patriots fan, and I am going with Patriots and Cowboys. I will go so far as to say a score too...... Uhm...... I will say Patriots over the Boys 38 - 17
  3. Lokichu

    NHL Playoffs

    With the NHL post-season tournament already underway. Is your team still in it, and who do you think will win?? I am personally a Penguins fan they are currently against the Lightning in a tied series 2-2 Hoping the Penguins win obviously but I wouldn't mind the blues or the sharks winning
  4. PotHeadDegree

    BlackHawks For the Stanley Cup!

    Who is with me!?!?!?!?! BLACKHAWKS for the Stanley Cup!!!!!!