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Found 4 results

  1. KSi Zapp

    Newish (Old squad died)

    Hey guys, I'm relatively new to KSI, only been in for about a year or so but I'm getting back into it as my old squad fell apart and died. Now I'm back and ready to have fun. Glad to be part of my new squad KSI HAVOC SR! Thanks to all the officers in the squad and in KSI for making it so great.
  2. KSI Blk Xer0 7


    My team is good and ready to challenge a few guys to a friendly scrimmage. I apologize ahead of time if this isn't the place for this post, I couldn't find anywhere else... If interested, please contact me here for further details or to set something up. I am unable to access live at the time, but I will point you in the right direction if you are indeed interested and ready for a good challenge.
  3. Looking for any KSI Members on Xbox-one,who wish to Play With KSI Brothers In Xbox-one BF4 Contact me via Fourm Post
  4. So are they really going to allow full character transfer? I mean I know guys with modded stats and character levels out the roof! I also find it suprising they totally jocked the pc-gamers modded idea for GTA V first person, and now its being implemented into the XBO version! Who is planning on getting GTA V by the way?